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Stress Research Group
Dóra Zelena (associate professor) E-mail:
Tel.: +36 (72) 536-000 (ext: 31746)
Elevated plus maze test
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
Open field animal test
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Stereotaxic surgery
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Representative publications
Considerations for the use of virally delivered genetic tools for in-vivo circuit analysis and behavior in mutant mice: A practical guide to optogenetics. Zelena D., Demeter K., Haller J., Balazsfi D.
Behavioural Pharmacology (2017/28(8): 598-609.)
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Depressive-and anxiety-like behaviors and stress-related neuronal activation in vasopressin-deficient female Brattleboro rats. Fodor A., Kovacs K.B., Balazsfi D., Klausz B., Pinter O., Demeter K., Daviu N., Rabasa C., Rotllant D., Nadal R., Zelena D.
Physiology and Behavior (2016/158: 100-111.)
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Enduring abolishment of remote but not recent expression of conditioned fear by the blockade of calcium-permeable AMPA receptors before extinction training. Zelena D., Mikics E., Balazsfi D., Varga J., Klausz B., Urban E., Sipos E., Biro L., Miskolczi C., Kovacs K., Ferenczi S., Haller J.
Psychopharmacology (2016/233(11): 2065-2076.)
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Regulation of hippocampal 5-HT release by P2X7 receptors in response to optogenetic stimulation of median raphe terminals of mice. Goloncser F., Baranyi M., Balazsfi D., Demeter K., Haller J., Freund T.F.F., Zelena D., Sperlagh B.
Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience (2017/10(12): 325.)
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Vasopressinergic control of stress-related behavior: studies in Brattleboro rats. Csikota P., Fodor A., Balazsfi D., Pinter O., Mizukami H., Weger S., Heilbronn R., Engelmann M., Zelena D.
Stress (2016/19(4): 349-361.)
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