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Psychosis Research Group
Tamás Tényi (professor) E-mail:
Tel.: +36 (72) 536-000 (ext: 37663)
Research interest

The neurodevelopmental background of schizophrenia, mood disorders and child psychiatric disorders. Biological and cognitive marker research in the field of psychoses can evaluate the neurodevelopmental deficits in these disorders. In a deterministic research paradigm  endophenotypic markers can be identified, while in a probabilistic developmental psychopathology paradigm, non-specific risk and protective factors can be identified. Structural and functional brain imaging and the study of minor physical anomalies can help to identify the brain pathology behind these disorders, while among the cognitive markers, mentalization and irony processing are put in the focus. The study of unaffected relatives can promote to establish the endophenotypic marker profile of psychoses.

Clinical relevance

The study of the etiology of psychoses can help to develop new therapeutic possibilities, and the clarification of the endophenotypic profile of psychoses can help to develop early recognition and intervention.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Representative publications
Irony comprehension and context processing in schizophrenia during remission - A functional MRI study. Varga E., Simon M., Tenyi T., Schnell Zs., Hajnal A., Orsi G., Doczi T., Komoly S., Janszky J., Furedi R., Hamvas E., Fekete S., Herold R.
Brain and Language (2013/126(3): 231-242.)
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Minor physical anomalies are more common among the first-degree unaffected relatives of schizophrenia patients – results with the Méhes scale. Hajnal A., Csabi Gy., Herold R., Jeges S., Halmai T., Trixler D., Simon M., Toth A.L., Tenyi T.
Psychiatry Research (2016/237: 224-228.)
DOI | PubMed | Scopus
Minor physical anomalies are more common in schizophrenia patients with the history of homicide. Tenyi T., Halmai T., Antal A., Benke B., Jeges S., Tenyi D., Toth L.A., Csabi Gy.
Psychiatry Research (2015/225(3): 702-705.)
DOI | PubMed | Scopus
Minor physical anomalies in bipolar I and bipolar II disorders-results with the Méhes scale. Berecz H., Csabi Gy., Jeges S., Herold R., Simon M., Halmai T., Trixler D., Hajnal A., Toth A.L., Tenyi T.
Psychiatry Research (2017/249: 120-124.)
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Neuropragmatics and irony processing in schizophrenia - Possible neural correlates of the meta-module of pragmatic meaning construction. Schnell Zs., Varga E., Tenyi T., Simon M., Hajnal A., Jarai R., Herold R.
Journal of Pragmatics (2016/92: 74-99.)
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