Research groups
Cellular neurobiological research group
Hajnalka Ábrahám (associate professor) E-mail:
Tel.: +36 (72) 536-000 (ext: 31511)
Research interest

The research group deals with the development of cerebral cortex, especially with that of the hippocampal formation. Particularly, we examine the development of neurons and neuronal circuits of these structures on human tissue and on rodent models. In addition, our focus is the examination of cortical developmental alterations in temporal lobe epilepsy.

Clinical relevance

epilepsy, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, preterm birth

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
Light and electron microscope (transmission)
Cell culturing
light microscopic histological techniques
electron microscopic histological techniques
Representative publications
Etiology-related Degree of Sprouting of Parvalbumin-immunoreactive Axons in the Human Dentate Gyrus in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Ábrahám H, Molnár JE, Sóki N, Gyimesi C, Horváth Z, Janszky J, Dóczi T, Seress L
. Neuroscience ()
Characterization of neurons in the cortical white matter in human temporal lobe epilepsy Richter Z, Janszky J, Sétáló G Jr, Horváth R, Horváth Z, Dóczi T, Seress L, Ábrahám H.
Neuroscience ()
Ontogeny of calbindin immunoreactivity in the human hippocampal formation with a special emphasis on granule cells of the dentate gyrus Abrahám H, Veszprémi B, Kravják A, Kovács K, Gömöri E, Seress L
Int J Dev Neurosci ()
A correlative light and electron microscopic study of postnatal myelination in the murine corpus callosum Vincze A, Mázló M, Seress L, Komoly S, Abrahám H
Int J Dev Neurosci ()
Myelination in the human hippocampal formation from midgestation to adulthood Abrahám H, Vincze A, Jewgenow I, Veszprémi B, Kravják A, Gömöri E, Seress L.
Int J Dev Neurosci ()

National Research, Development and Innovation Fund of Hungary, TKP2022-EGA funding scheme.