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Visual Physiology Research Group
Péter Buzás (associate professor) E-mail:
Tel.: +36 (72) 536-000 (ext: 31749)
Research interest

Our main interest is the function of parallel neural processing pathways involved in vision, especially in colour vison and 3D vision (stereopsis). Our aim is to understand better how different neurone types and their interconnections share the task of processing the image falling onto the retina. In one of our projects, we are trying to understand the source of differences between the red-green and blue-yellow systems of human colour vision. Other investigations are aimed at the mechanisms of binocular fusion and 3D vision.

Clinical relevance

Understanding the localisation and interactions of visual functions may help improving the diagnosis, prevention and therapy of certain neurological or ophthalmological conditions.

Imager 2001 intrinsic signal optical imaging apparatus
In vitro microinjection setup
Visual stimulation workstation
Acute in vivo electrophysiology
Chronic electrophysiology
Laboratory members
Representative publications
Identification of a pathway from the retina to koniocellular layer K1 in the lateral geniculate nucleus of marmoset. Percival K.A., Koizumi A., Masri R.A., Buzas P., Martin P.R., Grunert U.
Journal of Neuroscience (2014/34(11): 3821-3825.)
DOI | PubMed | Scopus
Neocortical axon arbors trade-off material and conduction delay conservation. Budd J.M., Kovacs K., Ferecsko A.S., Buzas P., Eysel U.T., Kisvarday Z.F.
PLoS Computational Biology (2010/6(3): e1000711.)
DOI | PubMed | Scopus
Receptive field properties of color opponent neurons in the cat lateral geniculate nucleus. Buzas P., Kobor P., Petyko Z., Telkes I., Martin P.R., Lenard L.
Journal of Neuroscience (2013, 33: 1451-1461.)
DOI | PubMed | Scopus
Temporal properties of colour opponent receptive fields in the cat lateral geniculate nucleus. Kobor P., Petyko Z., Telkes I., Martin P.R., Buzas P.
European Journal of Neuroscience (2017/45(11): 1368-1378.)
DOI | PubMed | Scopus
Transmission of colour and acuity signals by parvocellular cells in marmoset monkeys. Martin P.R., Blessing E.M., Buzas P., Szmajda B.A., Forte J.D.
Journal of Physiology - London (2011/589(11): 2795-2812.)
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