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Welcome to the website of the Centre for Neuroscience University of Pécs (CN).

One of the major scientific challenges of our time is to understand the human brain including its functions, mechanisms and disorders. Brain research requires high quality, complex and well-coordinated research strategies.

The role of CN is the coordination of brain research and related technologies at the university of Pécs. CN brings together various projects and it harmonizes strategies of neuroscience research groups at he university.

The function of CN is based on pure professional cooperation that allows high-level neuroscience research from molecular level to behavioural and clinical manifestation.

The research carried at CN aims to:

1. understand the molecular and cellular functions of the brain.

2. observe the brain development and aging.

3. examine behaviours and cognitive processes.

4. observe the homeostatic roles of the nervous system.

5. examine the sensory and memory information-processing.

6. investigate the molecular mechanisms and therapy of brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, neurotrauma, multiple sclerosis and brain cancer.


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Dr. István Hernádi, CN chair